Company highlights


JC Penney has selected the new One Touch features with HD video & High-quality Interactive Audio: "SCC" and "Mobile" (iPad) solutions, to deliver Enterprise-wide Live and On Demand training and corporate communications.


One Touch participated in the SALT/FGDLA conference in support of the Federal Government distance learning initiatives


Safeway has selected One Touch's new HD Video & High Quality Audio SCC integrated solution for its enterprise communications and training network in over 1800 locations


One Touch Mobile solution extends its training and communications platform onto tablet and Smartphone devices


Federal Aviation Agency has selected One Touch's SCC integrated solution for its distance learning initiative


President Donald Trump wishes Larry Speckels, OneTouch President, a Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday

In recognition of Mr. Speckels moderate contributions to humanity, the President is awarding him a $1 Billion distance learning contract to train soon-to-be-unemployed personnel of the IRS, EPA, Dept. of Education, National Endowment for the Arts, and other worthless agencies. The training class is entitled, “How to Work for a Living.”

Contract stipulations:

  1. Mr. Speckles attends church this year
  2. Mr. Speckles shares profits with the “Eagles”. (Ivanka informs the President the Eagles are a small band of good-for-nothings, with roots in Denton, Montana)

The $1B will be financed by funds confiscated from the former Clinton Crime Family Foundation, pay-to-play scheme

Happy Birthday